Friday, 31 August 2007

Solar Powered WiFi Routers Begin Rollout

The US City of St Louis has begun a Solar Powered WiFi rollout as seen in this image here. Among the numerous advantages of using solar powered WiFi is that it provides portable, uninterrupted power supply for routers that harvest their energy directly from the sun, but perhaps more significantly an increased use of solar energy to cut power consumption will assist the broader community in curbing greenhouse gases emissions.But green routers have another advantage. Routers, sensors, road signs and other devices that derive their power from the sun or the wind don't need to be hooked up to wires, which often don't exist in remote locations.

Sources: Computerworld, Solis, ZD Net, Green Wifi

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Who would ever have thought: A walking car ?

or truck - an all terrain vehicle
a fortuitous design of multiple motors on each axle and with synchronous dexterity and preprogrammed movements the beatle robot rides on wheels that swivel morph into legs ...... and to top it off the beast can also alter its height ....

I've been waiting sometime for the car that will drive me around, haven't you ?

The video may seek your connection speed


Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Rather Exquiste Friction Harp

Tom Kaufman has been developing a friction rod instrument a tuned set of metal rods sounded by stroking with rosined gloves:

Longitudinal vibrations are remarkably different from the transverse vibrations which we normally associate with string instruments. The pitch of the tone is determined only by the length of the string, and not by its tension. A middle “C” for example takes about a forty foot wire......

nevertheless watch video as either YouTube or Quicktime

Monday, 27 August 2007

Death Star of Minsk

The image to the right is a Stop Motion Video of a new Library building in Belarus composed of a collection of snap takes of the building at different times of the day. but mostly night. The building project remains a controversy for the people of Belarus since most of the money used to pay for its completion seems to have come from a number of different taxes implemented by the president, Mr. Lukashenko. More to the point everybody who works or studies there are the ones mostly still paying for it.

Locals joke: “Lukashenko had just learned to read and decided to build a library dedicated to this new ability he acquired.”

The English Russia weblog that this story is sourced from makes no mention of the Electric Power usage and cost of running the kinetic light show that the building appears to morph into in the evening hours ? Except that the locals refer to it as the Death Star of Minsk !

Saturday, 25 August 2007

Worlds Longest Visual Website

the "longest visual website in the world" on which visitors are asked to submit a 300x700px image to contribute to a continuous vertical banner, now approximately 21665.84cm long.


Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Lucky Climbers Roam To Their Hearts Content

Looks to be truly an amaze-ing time climbing, hanging, chatting, lounging and or generally messing about within these permanent or temporary architectural structures for large somewhat empty atrium type interiors like Museums, Banks or just about any other suitable building or location. There are just so many possible opportunities available that could benefit everybody. Kids can go play in the platforms whilst parents tend to go about their business or socialized meetings in the Banks or Airports or Hotel Lobbies. The main problem parents may encounter is getting the kids off the thing to leave or whatever.

These play platform suspended climbing stairways and nets are probably a pain in the proverbial for the minimalists, nevertheless purist aesthetics aside Luckey and Luckey are a company that designs and installs variously similar play platforms in very large open interior spaces. Luckey and Luckey it would appear viewing their website, to have already installed 16 of these play platforms across the US and one in Mexico City, which looking at it appears to be designed more like an arcade game accompanied by a uniformed attendant, whereas the one Holyoke is very staid in its appearance whereas the one at Normal, Illinois (pardon me but a real city called Normal?) looks very intense, whereas the one pictured here at Bloomingtons fired me up for this post.

To Market To Market To Buy A Fat Pig

Home Again Home Again Giggiddy gig

A Go Video Portable Movie/Music (VPMM) 7" LCD, CD & DVD capable, AM/FM radio; you can control your movies and music in stereo sound via the packaged remote. The 7" LCD screen has true color reproduction and convertible aspect ratio 4:3/16:9. DVD playback functions include multiple speeds, languages and subtitles, plus zoom, a remote control, and of course - stereo speakers. About the only thing missing is an iPod dock connector allowing you to watch videos stored on the iPod with this player.

Equipped with video and coaxial digital audio outputs, plus USB port. Uses AC power cord included or 8 C batteries not included. 16"W x 9-1/4"D x 6"H. Limited warranty. $160US

Ah ha looks like whole new product line to be developed. So how long will it take to include iphone capabilities, GPS, Bluetooth and interactive games say under 400 ?

via gizmodo

Monday, 20 August 2007

Is This Evolution Working Overtime ?

Or is it Global Warming leading to Habitat Destruction ?

From the East coast of Australia these fist size Jelly's migrate to the Gulf of Mexico and grow into voluminous 25 pound dinner plates with devastating consequences to the marine ecology.

Scientists do not believe the local population will be large enough to present any problems for shrimpers or commercial fishermen this year, as they did in 2000, when shrimping became impossible in places. But they said the East Coast sightings raise the possibility that the jellyfish could become established along both the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. While the invasive spotted jellies (Phyllorhiza punctata) do not sting, other stinging species common in Alabama waters are especially thick this year due to the higher salinity levels resulting from drought conditions throughout the state, according to Dauphin Island Sea Lab scientist Monty Graham, one of a handful of jellyfish experts in the world.

This phenomena raises questions like:
All we can do is observe them arriving, but what is their migratory paths ?
and how long is their journey ? or Are they permanently migrating ? Do they stay there ?
Are their sizes being monitored ?

Perhaps some answers are here (mouse over the words)

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Projector displays Images, like a Hologram

Danish Inventor Peter Simonsen working with advertising film agency viZoo and engineering firm Rambol have developed what may be the ultimate tradeshow gadget: a giant 3-D holographic projector matrix display which can show film content and or computer animated content which can be viewed from almost any position in 360 degrees.

The unit is made for indoor or outdoor use in sizes from 1,5m – 12m, capable of visualising cars and humans in scale 1:1. The shape and form of Cheoptics360 XL can be customized to integrate with any branding and environment. The unit can be suspended from buildings and structures or used free standing.

It works by passing an image through four 3D projectors, the image is then reassembled inside a pyramid shaped chamber where the image floats in mid air! Unfortunately the images aren't Star Wars esque 3D, but rather a 2D image viewable from any angle. But the projector should have at least contained a demonstration of an image or two of a Death Star - don't your think?

Or is the device merely a bigger version of this ghostly floating head illusion virtual Hologram ?

Friday, 17 August 2007


PICO is a tabletop interaction surface that can track and move small objects on top of it. It has been used for complex spatial layout problems such as cellular telephone tower layout. The interface provides ample opportunities for improvisation by allowing the user to employ a rich variety of everyday physical objects as interface elements. The physical form of many everyday mechanical systems helps users quickly discover how these systems work and how to use them. One example is the record turntable. Because the mechanism through which this device functions is exposed to the user, some users have developed interaction techniques that the inventors of the device likely had never imagined, such as "scratching" the record as a part of musical performance. In a similar spirit, we have developed a system called Pico (Physical Intervention in Computational Optimization) that simultaneously represents and controls the high level structure of a software process with a mechanical process. The user can leverage his or her mechanical intuition about the way physical objects respond to forces and interact with each other to understand how common objects, such as a rubber band or coffee cup, might be used to constrain the underlying software process. Objects on the Pico table are moved not only under software control using electromagnets but also by users standing around the table. The combination of these interactions, all governed by the friction and mass of the objects themselves directly affects the result of the task being performed. Additional information is graphically projected onto the table from above. To date we have built Pico applications for factory floor plan layout, CNC toolpath optimization, and cellular telephone tower layout.

Comprehensibly mesmerizing video of manipulating cartographic layouts.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

A Ukrainian is New Worlds Tallest Man

Ukrainian Leonid Stadnik 37, a former veterinarian, is eight inches taller than the former titleholder, China's Bao Xishun, who measured seven feet nine inches, Guinness World Records spokeswoman Amarilis Espinoza said in London. Stadnik's growth spurt started at age 14 after a brain operation apparently stimulated his pituitary gland, which produces the human growth hormone.

Leonid is a very modest man indeed, he has intentionally feigned being measured by the Guiness Book of Records largely because he has not desired to be in the limelight and sincerely did not want the world's media focusing on him. He lives with his mother, Halyna, in northwestern Ukraine, taking care of the family's house and garden.

According to Guiness, the tallest man in medical history was Illinois native Robert Pershing Wadlow, who was 8 feet 11 inches and died in 1940 at the age of 22 (coincidently Leonard's shoes are size 22).

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Whale Shark Photo identity Tagging Library

All you lucky people who swim with and photograph Whale Sharks can now help to track and document their behavioral existence. A Marine Biologist has invented a software optimalization photo tagging system that anyone can contribute to.The information you submit will be used in mark-recapture studies to help with the global conservation of this threatened species.

The ECOCEAN Whale Shark Photo-identification Library is a visual database of whale shark (Rhincodon typus) encounters and of individually catalogued whale sharks. The library is maintained and used by marine biologists to collect and analyse whale shark encounter data to learn more about these amazing creatures. The Library uses photographs of the skin patterning behind the gills of each shark and any scars to distinguish between individual animals. Cutting-edge software supports rapid identification using pattern recognition and photo management tools.

Sources: newinventors and video

New 3D TV Using A Ribbed Lens

Phillips are road testing a new type of 3D viewable TV at selected Airports and Hotel Lobbies to try to garner interest in watching or experiencing this new TV format. Phillips have created the illusion of 3D TV by developing a ribbed overlay frontspiece stuck to the front of the screen that sends different images to each eye, giving the impression of depth.It copies the process of 3D images on postcards that change when you tilt them - creating what scientists call a 'viewing cone' made up of several images of the same scene but from a slightly different angle.To ensure the 3D image remains when a TV viewer moves, the screen sends out nine images of the same scene.The viewer needs to pick up only two of the nine - one per eye - to give the impression of 3D depth.

All I can possibly imagine what might actually be showing on this set is probably a few demo loops. But this story appears to be contain no revelation of how or even what kind of capture technology is deployed in the making of the stuff thats viewed on these sets ? Alternatively I can't imagine that the ribbed lens they use is merely stuck on top of an ordinary TV set ?

Monday, 13 August 2007

8 Million year old Preserved Forest Discovered

The 8-million-year old tree trunks still feel like wood to the touch as this BBC video shows, The area inwhich these trees (are of a species known as swamp cypresses) are still standing preserved by the history of their location. Archaeologists found the 16 preserved trunks in an open cast coal mine in the north-eastern city of Bukkabrany, Hungary. The specimens were preserved intact while most of the forest turned to coal thanks to a casing of sand, which was perhaps the result of a sandstorm.

It is hoped the trees may offer experts a valuable insight into Earth's climate eight million years ago since the trunks are made of organic material, it is possible to conduct dendrochronology tests, which study tree rings to determine climatic changes during a tree's life. The stumps, 2-3m (10ft) in diameter and 6m (19ft) high, stand uncovered on the lowest level of the mine. Urgent measures are being taken to preserve them after an attempt to move one of the trunks failed.

Source Middle East Times

Into Drones ? here's The Buddha Machine

is a little plastic box that plays Drones music, aargh but is it music ?

Specifically, FM3 constructed nine drones, varying from two seconds to 42 seconds, which repeat endlessly in the listener’s ear until the “track” is switched to the next drone (or the two AA batteries run out).

The machine has its own built-in speaker, in case one would like to fill a room with the drones, but there is also a headphone jack for more personal meditative experiences. There’s a switch on the side that allows for traversal of the tracks, and a DC jack (though an adapter is not included) for those who would like the Buddha Machine experience be truly endless.

In a way, it’s like the cheapest pre-loaded IPod you’ll ever be able to buy. Mousing over the Chinese characters on their site reveals the English Link. The device has been very thoroughly reviewed by PopMatters.

Download all 9 uncompressed drones for free here (near the bottom of the page). Listening meditating with these drones may make it possible for one to begin the practice of Lucid Dreaming.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Odontomachus: The Trap Jaw Ant

This a Scientific mini documentary made by researchers at Berkeley that show the ant using its mandibles to propel itself in the air.

These trap-jaw ants, species in Odontomachus have a pair large, straight mandibles capable of opening 180 degrees. These jaws are locked in place, and can snap shut on prey or objects when trigger hairs on the jaw are touched. The mandibles are powerful and fast, giving the ant its common name. The mandibles either kill or maim the prey, allowing the ant to bring it back to the nest. The Odontomachus can simply lock and snap its jaws again if one bite is not enough, or to cut off bits of larger food. Odontomachus can use its jaws without locking them, for other targets. Consult the Wiki for more.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Electric Car does 100 km/h on 192 AA Batteries

What began as a gimmicky promo for Panasonic Dry Cell Batteries turned into a real electric car using 192 AA batteries. It broke the world speed record for an electric manned vehicle at 105 km/h over the distance of one mile and got documented in the Guinness Book of Records. To achieve the record the driver was very short and was immobilized by the internal structural layout of the design only allowing small hand and feet movement.

The car itself including the 192 batteries weighed only 38 kg since the body were constructed of CFRP and the aramide honeycomb (CFRP or Carbon Fibre is less then one fifth the weight of Iron but equally as strong as Iron and the aramide honeycomb normally used for bullet proof vests created the skin of the car.

The car dubbed the Oxyride for the type of batteries used also hit a top speed of 122 km/h on one of its many other runs. So is it safe to assume that maybe other inventors might exploit the potential in this type of power source ?

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Mr Anonymity: Banksy Most Successful Anarchist

This artwork 'a scaled reproduction of Stonehenge as a community installation comprised mostly of, for and with by assistance of the people who used toilet blocks at the Glastonbury Festival 2007

Peter Gibson, a spokesperson for Keep Britain Tidy, asserts that Banksy's work is simple vandalism. The political purpose behind his 'vandalism' is reminiscent of the Ad Jammers or subvertising movement, who deface corporate advertising to change the intended message and hijack the advert.

Banksy gets paid for charity work (e.g., Greenpeace) and can demand up to £25,000 for canvases. It has also been alleged that Banksy has done paid work with corporations such as Puma although this has been denied.

And by whom is totally unclear, such that the man Banksy might exist the trails of back links always seem to end in a plethora of endlessnesses.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Objectification of numerical data streams

What an incredibly deliciouso digital signal processing Art piece, Airport Decibal Levels (pictured) is. Mary Bates Neubauer manipulates conjugates morphs and generally mucks about data sets and their numerically discernable component pathways, to birth, a seductive alliterative illusion. Nevertheless her new exhibits are made of layer upon layer of photograms, scanned images, animations, and rapid prototypes that have been processed digitally and combined with basic sculptural molding and reproduction methods.

One could, perhaps, be forgiven for thinking that this image is moreso a layering of distorted fractals rather then a superfical computer graphic but the subtext of her concerns demonstrates otherwise:

It raises questions about how scientific and technical findings are interpreted and what effect this has upon our understanding of the nature of empirical evidence.

Aha, anomolies in cross border patrols can now be manipulated into beautiful looking fractal pictures ?

If you're near Southern California between August 9-September 1, you can see for yourself that there's more to data than meets the eye, by visiting Neubauer's exhibit at the Los Angeles Center For Digital Art

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Wreck & Salvage on Today's Rocketboom

Adam Quirk
presents Wreck & Salvage

adapted from Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Teen Scientists Invent Green Electric Motor Bike

Ben Gulak and Jason Morrow from Ontario Canada (who represented Team Teen Canada in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the annual Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Intel ISEF May 2007) invented this electric vehicle that rides as a motorcycle and produces zero emissions.

We wanted to simulate it as close to an actual sports bike as possible, like a speed bike so, that starts with the look alone. When you sit on it, it feels just like a bike. said Gulak an 18-year-old high school student from Chisholm Collegiate in Oakville, Ontario Canada

The bike works like a Segway, Turning depends on your weight as you lean to one side and to the other side, which is automatically detected by the system the wheels have in place. The Tango is designed with two side-by-side wheels and an R6 Yamaha frame with hand machined parts that the motorcycle body is made of and it uses electronics used in everyday appliances like the Nintendo Wii uses to detect angle and motions,

Accelerometers, control the wheels have an actuating system which gives the relative position of the bike relative to the ground so the driver leans forward and gives it angle and the speed at which your leaning forward. As the rider leans over the gas tank like on a sports bike the Tango distributes the majority of the weight along the wheels..

The Tango can reach top speeds of 40 miles per hour and Morrow claims it is more practical than the Segway or the embryo from Bombardier. The whole package is powered by amped-up wheelchair motors and 36-volt batteries.

via Canoe and Engadget

Seen Any of These Greenliners Lately ?

Probably not because European engineers working on the passenger plane of the future are reaching back into Canada's aviation history and focusing on an aircraft reminiscent of a flying saucer-style design tested in the 1950s by a Toronto-area firm.

The engineers working on this green flying saucer concept are focusing on remaking the notion of an aircraft,
I want to get rid of the image of a cylindrical body with wings, said Etnel Straatsma of Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands.

Straatsma heads the recently-formed CleanEra project, which aims to design an ultra-eco-friendly plane that releases 50 percent less carbon dioxide per passenger-mile than current airliners. The project's "greenliner"—depicted in design illustrations as a flying saucer—would also reduce other pollutants and noise, in line with recommendations from the European Aerospace Commission, ACARE.

Nevertheless if your interested in sightings of other flying records or you may even want to check out the underground ufo bases near the Indian Chinese border, then click.

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