Thursday 29 March 2007

Flaming Space Junk Narrowly Misses Jet

We've already got a reasonably good idea as to how much of an influence modern civilization has and continues to have on the earth and its atmosphere and now we must also include the outer atmosphere. Humans it seems are very good at producing waste but not a lot of us are intune most of the time when it comes to disposing with it efficiently, say as the animal kingdom does.

"Pieces of space junk from a Russian satellite coming out of orbit narrowly missed hitting a jetliner over the Pacific Ocean overnight. The pilot of a Lan Chile Airbus A340, which was travelling between Santiago, Chile, and Auckland, New Zealand, notified air traffic controllers at Auckland Oceanic Centre after seeing flaming space junk hurtling across the sky just five nautical miles in front of and behind his plane about 10pm last night."

And so a few more of us are making noises about how we should begin to clean up our planet and its environs

Space Junk Cleanup Needed

"The U.S. Space Surveillance Network is currently tracking over 13,000 human-made objects larger than four inches (ten centimeters) in diameter orbiting the Earth. These include both operational spacecraft and debris such as derelict rocket bodies. "Of the 13,000 objects, over 40 percent came from breakups of both spacecraft and rocket bodies," Johnson said. "

So the Space Junk Solar sail vacuum cleaner is born but this device of it ever becomes a real thing will probably inadvertantly bring all if not most Space Nations together to pay for it and resource it, unless of course say that China suddenly realises the huge potential in other peoples trash.
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