Thursday, 20 March 2014

Rufus Cuff, Wearable tethering smartphone accomplice

Earlier today Google released it's much anticipated Android Wear, an operating system for smart-watches and almost immediately announcements emerged from an assortment of technology companies, with a number of new 'wrist-wear' devices. 

Most of these devices are called smart-watches and are at most 'in-between' devices, that function in accompaniment with a smart-phone. Similarly the Rufus Cuff has emerged as a real life Star-Trekesque 'wrist communicator'

The Rufus is a wrist communicator that can pair either with an iphone or Android smartphone, The cuff has an exceptionally large screen although the band that attaches to your wrist appears to have a fairly normal looking size band!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Wake up call on the worlds changing climate

Back in 2008, I wrote here, in this blog that:

"While most Governments of the world are attempting to address the dramatic increase of noxious gases into our breathable atmosphere the worlds climate continues incessantly to deteriorate."

Nothing much has changed since from the collective efforts of world governments,  except that we now know that earth's average temperature, has, due to increased CO2 in the atmosphere warmed up one degree Centigrade  in last 100 years.

One degree C may not seem much on the face of it but if it actually rose to four degrees all of the equatorial regions of the world would become uninhabitable.

It's predicted by climate scientists that if the world were to continue to put out the same CO2 levels, then by the end of the century the world's average temperature will rise another 3 degrees above our existing average temperature.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nietzsche's Writing Ball, an historical re-formed invention

Typing as we know it, has for sometime relied upon using qwerty keyboards, but unremarkably perhaps, the worlds first typewriter was hemispherical.

The worlds first commercially sold typewriter ever made was engineered by a Danish inventor, Rasmus Malling-Hansen in 1870, known as the Hansen writing ball.

As can be seen in the image here this writing ball was not a qwerty keyboard that apparently arrived a mere 4 years later from Sholes & Glidden otherwise known as the Remington typewriter.

As we know the qwerty keyboard typewriter has been and still is our main technical interface for writing and publishing. Thus when the Remington emerged onto the stage for writers the western world over, the Malling-Hansen's invention was almost completely forgotten. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The possibility of completely removing your identity from the internet

but, just how far into the future is impossible to determine, largely because of the exponential growth of internet compliant appliances for everyday use. Up until as recently as six years ago the only everyday consumer device that was compliant on the internet was the computer. Certainly since from the launch of Apple's iphone around 2007, a growing list of everyday consumer electronic devices are being released as connectable, or some even, dependent upon the internet and hence a legally binding identity to use and connect them.

Many if not the greater majority of them, need an online legally binding identity in order for them to even work. To name just a few of these currently internet compliant gadgets are cell phones, tablets, refrigerators, ovens, tv's, vacuum cleaners, and on the immediate horizon if not already in the consumer market motor cars.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Mirror City Time Lapse, an abstracted video of US cities

The major cities of the world are bustling cosmopolitans of people amongst huge architecture of buildings, infrastructure and plazas outlined by multitudinous  transport networks. 

Michael Shainblum, Filmer and photographer has for the last five years been collecting images of five major cities in the USA  with a view to "emulate these urban landscapes in a way that nobody has even seen before."

Shainblum has done this by collating a visual re-presenting of some significant American cities: Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

He has set out to "showcase something unique and artistic, which takes Time lapse photography into a more abstract direction".

Thursday, 26 September 2013

iSketchnote: Nifty pen gadget records notes and sketches

Although the digital age is well and truly absorbed into our lives and community, there are many many writers and journalists remain using a a pad of paper and a pen or pencil. 

Simultaneously there are some pen pushers who have adopted either a digital pen or other such device to record and digitise their notes, scribblings and or doodles. These devices are by no means the most harmonious of devices between analogue and digital that justifiably satisfy all writers particularly those that use Apple products like the ipad and or Mac  computer. 

Thus an erstwhile team of developers have created an ipad cover enabling Apple centric writers and doodlers alike to digitally record their jottings. While the iSketchnote is being produced as a cover for an ipad, it can also be used with either a PC or Mac via USB.

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