Wednesday 6 November 2013

The possibility of completely removing your identity from the internet

but, just how far into the future is impossible to determine, largely because of the exponential growth of internet compliant appliances for everyday use. Up until as recently as six years ago the only everyday consumer device that was compliant on the internet was the computer. Certainly since from the launch of Apple's iphone around 2007, a growing list of everyday consumer electronic devices are being released as connectable, or some even, dependent upon the internet and hence a legally binding identity to use and connect them.

Many if not the greater majority of them, need an online legally binding identity in order for them to even work. To name just a few of these currently internet compliant gadgets are cell phones, tablets, refrigerators, ovens, tv's, vacuum cleaners, and on the immediate horizon if not already in the consumer market motor cars.

I imagine there are an ever increasing number of individuals mostly recently matured adults who wish that all their naive and childish pranks they practiced online in their youth would simply just disappear. I don't say this lightly, because you may suddenly have found the dream job you've been hanging out for, and realise all your earlier dumb postings might wreck you chance of claiming it.

Simultaneously you don't actually have to have been a mischievous youth, politicians are and remain among many other internet users that are prone to posting  embarrassing pictures of themselves and or liaisons online. They seem to either forget or ignore the undeniable truth that is the internet: Whatever, whenever something is uploaded to the internet … remains there … forever!

So although there doesn't appear to be a way of removing all of those foolish prankish and down right silly or stupid postings, there is at least a way to remove the identity you used to put all that stuff there in the first place. Gizmodo's Andrew Taratola has a well researched article on exactly how to do this But heed my warning: although Taratola's help is pretty straight forward, a lot depends upon your memory of which websites, social media portals, newsletters or other identity importunate service you signed up for … remember all those 'whatever's' you signed up to? … probably not! … so it might be worth doing a little research of your own before dipping into  Taratola's helpful tips.

Remember also if you need a new online identity it might pay to think of what your new identity might be. This might mean altering the spelling of one of your names, alternatively you might get away with one or two of your first names reduced to a single letter. You might be lucky and not need to change your name by deed poll or it might in fact be the best way, but don't forget that someone with forensic computer and research skills could probably still find you.

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