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Thing about anonymous comments and although I recently published some least spamy ones, into google blogger's dashboard recently they don't actually show up in the posts since my blog's comments are powered by Disqus which means Disqus doesn't recognise these comments as valid. Their engine possibly doesn't even see those types of comments.

So if you desire to make a comment, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so, you will need at the very least a registered internet recognisable profile and equally recognisable avatar.

There are some worthy benefits for both you and me if you post a comment to a story here.

For me it helps and encourages me to read what you think about my content. 

For you particularly if your fellow blogger or internet participator you get automatic back-links through your profile back to your blogs and websites. Commenting in blogs via a registered profile also means you gain online collateral as a worthy internet participator. 

A couple of things to understand, about my installed Disqus commenting system is, that  Disqus informs me after someone has posted a comment and it's up to my discretion as to whether I publish your comment. I make a decision based on the following criteria.

Firstly that the comment is on topic in-which ever post it appears.

Secondly that it doesn't include any clickable links.

Thirdly that it's not in any way viewed by me as spam or pure nonsense.

Fourthly that the comment doesn't include any slang or bad language.

Fifthly that the comment doesn't seek to discriminate against anyone including me.

Lastly that the comment doesn't seek to denigrate me, this blog or anyone else.

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