Tuesday 12 February 2008

The E- Bikeboard: An Electric Scooter For All Seasons

This cool little three-wheeler is 100 percent electric and emissions-free. The power pack of choice is a set of two 24 Volt Lithium (Li/Po) batteries, with an approximate charge time of 4 hours for each. Given this power scheme, the scooter is good for 30 miles and can reach speeds up to 15 mph. It can even clime hills at a 15 degree incline. Priced at approximately $2500.00,
E-Bikeboard provides a maximum load capacity is 330lbs and the maximum torque is 70 nm. Made for use on the road, the E-Bikeboard is constructed with a fiberglass platform and outfitted with a patented 110mm Rear Shock suspension system for easy maneuverability. E-Bikeboard features two double mechanism disc brakes and quick release system as part of the bicycle-like alloy frame and fork and the weight is approximately 51 lbs.

This scooter features four interchangeable attachments, making it a cross between a scooter, snowboard, surfboard, or skateboard (video).

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