Wednesday 5 February 2014

Wake up call on the worlds changing climate

Back in 2008, I wrote here, in this blog that:

"While most Governments of the world are attempting to address the dramatic increase of noxious gases into our breathable atmosphere the worlds climate continues incessantly to deteriorate."

Nothing much has changed since from the collective efforts of world governments,  except that we now know that earth's average temperature, has, due to increased CO2 in the atmosphere warmed up one degree Centigrade  in last 100 years.

One degree C may not seem much on the face of it but if it actually rose to four degrees all of the equatorial regions of the world would become uninhabitable.

It's predicted by climate scientists that if the world were to continue to put out the same CO2 levels, then by the end of the century the world's average temperature will rise another 3 degrees above our existing average temperature.

Normally, CO2 or carbon dioxide merges with earth's atmosphere by volcanos, fire, hot springs, etc. but we humans have technologically pumped more CO2 than any volcano, from coal plants, cars, planes and trains, and much more.

Video producers, Cosmic Journeys have created a neat exploratory documentary, "Hyper world the new earth", by virtue of incredible 4k supercomputer images of Planet Earth. Youtube for now plays them in HD resolution.

Their video, made with some neat computer animations, shows the workings of our planet in whole new ways with details from satellites that chart earths winds, ocean currents, temperatures and plant growth.

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