Monday 27 August 2007

Death Star of Minsk

The image to the right is a Stop Motion Video of a new Library building in Belarus composed of a collection of snap takes of the building at different times of the day. but mostly night. The building project remains a controversy for the people of Belarus since most of the money used to pay for its completion seems to have come from a number of different taxes implemented by the president, Mr. Lukashenko. More to the point everybody who works or studies there are the ones mostly still paying for it.

Locals joke: “Lukashenko had just learned to read and decided to build a library dedicated to this new ability he acquired.”

The English Russia weblog that this story is sourced from makes no mention of the Electric Power usage and cost of running the kinetic light show that the building appears to morph into in the evening hours ? Except that the locals refer to it as the Death Star of Minsk !
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