Saturday 18 August 2007

Projector displays Images, like a Hologram

Danish Inventor Peter Simonsen working with advertising film agency viZoo and engineering firm Rambol have developed what may be the ultimate tradeshow gadget: a giant 3-D holographic projector matrix display which can show film content and or computer animated content which can be viewed from almost any position in 360 degrees.

The unit is made for indoor or outdoor use in sizes from 1,5m – 12m, capable of visualising cars and humans in scale 1:1. The shape and form of Cheoptics360 XL can be customized to integrate with any branding and environment. The unit can be suspended from buildings and structures or used free standing.

It works by passing an image through four 3D projectors, the image is then reassembled inside a pyramid shaped chamber where the image floats in mid air! Unfortunately the images aren't Star Wars esque 3D, but rather a 2D image viewable from any angle. But the projector should have at least contained a demonstration of an image or two of a Death Star - don't your think?

Or is the device merely a bigger version of this ghostly floating head illusion virtual Hologram ?
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