Tuesday 14 May 2013

Casetop: A cradle display case for your mobile phone

The world of computer users are swiftly moving to mobile phones and tablets since they are packed with powerful processors and healthy amounts of system memory and storage.  A significant drawback or limitation they have is when users want to use them for lots of writing and feel confined by the cramped keyboards or get fed up with one or two finger typing. Similarly, but with some exceptions, many mobile phones lack much in the way of adequate screen real estate.

John Andrus realised he had a solution to these issues by inventing a go-between gadget, he calls a Casetop, which is a netbook-like LCD display panel, keyboard and battery pack combination that uses your smart mobile device for it's computing power.

Casetop is universally compatible with most mobile phones and tablets that have Bluetooth and a video out option, except for windows phones since they don't have a video out port on their devices.

Check the video out after the jump.

A fantastic feature of Casetop is the built-in 56Wh battery that provides power to the device itself, but also adds more juice to your smartphone, amazingly the multi-cell prismatic battery lasts for 30 hours. The casetop has a built-in amplifier powering sound via 1-watt stereo speakers, and glass-covered 11.1-inch display that supports 720p video playback.  Ones smartphone connects to the keyboard via Bluetooth and is held in place at the front edge by an adjustable sliding support called the frontbar.

Since the Casetop requires a smartphone to work, the device itself can be used or shared with more than one person this means that a whole family can share the one device.

John Andrus's Casetop invention is being developed by his Kickstarter company, Livi Design, where you can place your order of US$250 or add $50 should you require an iPhone edition. Alternatively you may prefer to read more general information about this handy go-between gadget, here

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