Thursday 6 June 2013

ILO, a shoe box sized telescope

It's conceivable that sometime in the future individuals or groups of individuals will collaboratively create outer space participatory projects. Many things albeit will likely need to change like launch and technology costs, let alone overall finance. Needless to say, there is one such 'citizen science' project in the throws of getting under way.

A shoe box sized telescope is set to be launched before the end of 2015, known as the International Lunar Observatory, (ILO)  the privately funded project was designed and built by Silicon Valley based Moon Express Inc

According to Moon Express CEO Bob Richards; "It's citizen science on the moon and it's really a new model of public participation,"  and "This will be a small, but very high-performance telescope on the moon that the public and scientists or professionals and amateurs alike will have access to over the internet." 

This will give just about  anyone interested individual unprecedented access to photograph and film in almost total panoramic views  the surface of the moon, earth and interstellar space.

Accordingly, Canadian-born Bob Richards, CEO of Moon Express, said the very high performance telescope has already been tested on the summit of Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii, and pretended it to be on the moon and given access to some selected individuals through the internet, testing its successful work-ability.

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