Wednesday 17 August 2011

Harald Haas: Illumination equals Transmission

Light, electrical light and transmission signals all use the electromagnetic spectrum to convey information for both illumination and communication data. Presently we use only one end of the spectrum for data transmission as in the case of telephonic and radar. But what if we could use our everyday electric lighting to transmit wireless data between devices ?

Harald Haas demonstrates, in the video here his outstanding technological invention that enables communicating wireless data from flickering the light from a single LED !

This is optical data transmission without the need of a cable, but I wonder if this this technological innovation would as he says "replace cell towers" ?

While Harald's remarkable invention looks likely to handsomely reward via a total global market in the order of billions, many questions remain. Like if there is a critical distance and direction of light between his invention and say a mobile phone or computer ? Or how does the device safeguard our security ?
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