Monday 27 June 2011

Starsky's hutch mark 2, one Otter of glee

Sometimes when we view things or life in nature that we haven't witnessed before we get an adrenalin rush of excitement and glee and wonder if any or many others have also seen it.

Perhaps you may feel this way when you first view Starsky, an Otter housed at The National Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall, who likes to juggle while waiting for feeding time.

While we might be fascinated with Starsky's entertaining talent, its not a singularly ground breaking achievement, it appears Otters really like rocks, so much so that once they find a rock they like, they keep it under their armpit while they swim and use it to crack open shells on their stomach while they float on their backs. Read more, here. (NB if the video may seem to be little monotonous at times, clips near the end, and the end itself are a bag of fun).
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