Wednesday 2 February 2011

Devastating Tropical Cyclone Yasi Satellite & Radar time lapse video

The biggest category 5 cyclone in recorded history is presently beginning to batter the geography of far north Queensland coastal region, at a breadth of more than 200 kilometers. The nastiness is expected to penetrate the inland for at least another 3-400 kilometers, until if we can believe the meterologists, should begin to subside.

"This time lapse (video) uses false color infrared imagery from JMA's MTSAT geostationary satellite & radar data from the Australia BoM to track the path of the Tropical Cyclone Yasi as it forms and heads towards the Queensland Coast."

Environmental degradation, possible risks to human life and possessions are expected to deliver expotential ill outcomes.

For the most current versions of this satellite imagery, go here.
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