Sunday 1 March 2009

Coolerado: Off Grid Solar Powered Air Conditioner

Coolerado Air Conditioner units use water to chill fresh, outside air, without adding moisture to a building, and consume just 15 percent of the energy used by traditional air conditioners. The system is run by 4 photovoltaic solar panels and uses about 600 watts of electricity, that is, one third the power of a conventional hair dyer !

All the power used to run the system is being collected from the sun and the exhaust air is fed back into the system to increase power generation and cool the panels. The unit only has 2 moving parts: the fan and the solenoid valve that turns the water from the building on and off as use is required. Average water use is 4 gallons per hour, equivalent to an extra shower or 2 per day, 4 photovoltaic solar panels produce full power at 72 degrees F.

"Traditional refrigerant and compressor based systems are basically just the opposite. That is, they draw a lot of power when it is cool out and that is when they can do the most work. As temperatures rise, the compressor has to work harder, they draw even more power, and do less work."

The Coolerado on the other hand uses thermodynamics to cool outside air without chemical refrigerants.

Watch an introductory video, visit the Coolerado website and read a review of the unit.

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