Friday 10 October 2008

Interactive Sculpture, Cranky and Plucky @ Maker Faire Austin,Texas

Cranky is a 14 ft long metal cone on wheels, that has 24 crankshaft music boxes pop riveted onto its exterior. They can be played one at a time, or several can be played by multiple participants to create an eerie carnival-like cacophony. Plucky is an 8 ft long gramophone looking horn that has four strings strung across the top. It produces a bass-like sound. It can be tuned and experimented with, and the experience of it is in the hands of the participant.

The Artist Dominique Vyborny is based in Austin, Texas and makes large interactive sculptures and installations. She has collaborated on, and been project manager for, several large metal art projects featured at the Burning Man Festival and the Coachella Valley Music Festival.

The video blogger Wisegeorge seems to have stumbled upon Cranky and Plucky in the wild and although he plucks a few strings on it we are not yet privy to hearing the total piece.

More about Cranky and Plucky at Maker Faire
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