Tuesday 3 July 2007

Cute Kitty TX 1

This Cute Kitty video has been shot with the Canon Powershot TX1, and it illustrates the use of the 10X zoom feature. It can capture HD NTSC/PAL in 1280 x 720 movies at 30fps with Stereo Sound and/or 7.1 Megapixel Still Images. The vertical design incorporates Optical Image StabilizerTechnology,DIGIC 111 Image Processor, Face Detection Technology, Red Eye Correction, and the swivel LCD screen has a tough new scratch resistant, anti-reflective coating on it. Another striking feature is the ability to swap in/out 4 different types of memory storage (SD,SDHC, Multimedia card and/or MMC Plus Card) in just about any size. All of this in a device no bigger then a deck of cards and for $500 US. Here is a reasonably good movie review of the TX1.
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