Friday 23 August 2013

The Device, Thrilling Sci-Fi Short Film

We are all now not only depended upon geeky electronic gadgets of all varieties and more and more fascinated and intrigued by what they may provide or assist us with, that we are all perched on the edge of our seats wondering where the next gadget will be taking us.

Simultaneously many of today's devices that many of us can't seem to do with out like smart-phones, tablet computers and eclipsing the horizon smart wearable computers were all first seen and created in numerous Sci-fi movies and television shows, like Star Trek and 2001 A Space Odyssey. 

Thus the technology harbingers of our modern geeky gadget life are very likely gnawing over  what the latest Sci-fi creators have to offer up.

Cinematographer Claude Sadik offers us a possible future gadget in his entertaining short film, in which a mysterious device is about to shake a young man's life...

The Device, was directed and produced by Claude Sadik and Jorge Planello with music by Tim Kahn.

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