Tuesday 12 March 2013

NASA's Natural Hazards Earth Observatory Website

Averting and or planning a strategy to avoid the frequent loss of life, utilities and possessions that occurs after and or during a devastating natural disaster is usually based on the amount of available time we get of critical information of a current disaster.

Due to the latest modern technology of NASA's high resolution cameras abroad satellites we all now have the opportunity to get the best of insights of currently occurring natural and or man-made catastrophes.

The picture above is from NASA's Earth Observatory website illustrating the natural hazards of earth on a an evening in 2012. From their website we at an one time can catch up and get the pictorial data of any particular naturally occurring and or man-made global disaster like; avalanches, blizzards, cyclones/hurricanes, earthquakes, floods/landslides, heat waves, lightning strikes, water and mud eruptions, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and or wildfires/bush fires.

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