Thursday 24 November 2011

Like in a dream II: Conceptual Landscape fractal animation

3D fractals and psychedelic neurones peppered with momentary optical illusions among many abstract and structurally possible conceptual landscapes, appear and fold in bib993's (Jeremie Brunet) 'Like in a dream II' fractal animation.

Jeremie made this gloriously entertaining and peaceful animation with Mandelbulb3D and "originally designed it for Bryan Alvarez from UC Berkeley, for a TEDx talk about his Human Atlas project, to illustrate his initial dream about the beauty of living systems."

This comprehensively profound piece of cool transcendent mathematical volumes is based on a hybrid Julia fractal, where most fractal parameters are simultaneously being animated, as well as the Julia seed, the colors, and the camera position. One can only imagine that in order to achieve this multi level animation complexity all at once might actually require something more than the average off the shelf computer ?

Nevertheless, the exquisite choice of music track, glides and enhances our experience of, Like in a dream II fractal animation. 

For more details about 3D fractals and to download the Mandelbulb3D software, visit the fractal forums website, and or appreciate much more from this fractal artists work, go here.
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