Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Inkling: Amazing Digital Sketch Pen from Wacom

is a snappy gadget from Wacom that allows you to draw on just about any sketchpad or paper stock.

With the digital receiver clipped to the top of your pad and using the Inkling Digital Pen you create your sketch.

The video here shows how easy it is to upload your sketches to your computer via usb, where they can be stored as JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, SVG or PDF files for manipulative use in any image enhancing softwares.

The Inkling also offers direct file transfers to Photoshop, Illustrator, and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro/Designer.

The Inkling will be available mid September and retail for US$199.99 and that's about half the price of Livescribe , except the inking doesn't require special paper but can't record sound !

Nevertheless it remains to be seen whether Wacom's naming of their clever product doesn't infringe on the iPad app with the identical name !

Monday, 29 August 2011

Statistical Earthquake Prediction or uncanny piffle ?

Averting and or planning a strategy to avoid the frequent loss of life, utilities and possessions that occurs after a devastating natural disaster is usually based on the amount of available time we get that informs us of a pending disaster.

Youtube user robbiek77 has noticed a rather alarming statistic of three recent earthquake events that have occurred in Chile, New Zealand and Japan. In the video here he shows that each earthquake happened exactly 188 days apart and goes onto predict with his math and ruler that California may expect a similar event in a few weeks time or 188 days since Japan, ie September 15.

He speculates in his video notes;
"So, if this next BIG Earthquake is indeed going to be in California U.S.A. by way of measuring the timing and the global mapping - then why has the beloved and elite scientists not made you aware ? It took a brother from a message board I used to work it out - SURELY These scientists have worked it out? If so - why have they not told you on the nightly news?"

Although the 188 day period between these recent natural disasters seems uncannily accurate, nature rarely exhibits such finite accuracy, or, in this instance we hope it doesn't !

I'm happy to report that  if you may have been holding your breath on September 15,  "A 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck early Friday in the Fiji islands region of the Pacific Ocean, the U.S. Geological Survey reported."  And although a destructive tsunami was not generated, the quake struck at a depth of 626 kms, (390 miles) below the earth's surface and caused no harm. The next day another 6.6 Mag. 60 miles offshore of Japan's east coast.

So, although there appeared to be an earthquake when robbiek77's hypothetical stated, it  proved unremarkable for his predicated location. So unless you think this deserves further discussion, I welcome you as always, to submit any comments you may have, below.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Concept advertisement video, The Birth

is a delightfully charming concept advertisement video from shootmefashion, with pleasantly  smooth and melancholic soundtrack 'Air On A G String' by J.S. Bach.

The video was produced by Ezel Domianic create and directed by Ozer with a full retinue of  cast and crew that speaks of of a fully decked out cinematic photography advertising film company.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Harald Haas: Illumination equals Transmission

Light, electrical light and transmission signals all use the electromagnetic spectrum to convey information for both illumination and communication data. Presently we use only one end of the spectrum for data transmission as in the case of telephonic and radar. But what if we could use our everyday electric lighting to transmit wireless data between devices ?

Harald Haas demonstrates, in the video here his outstanding technological invention that enables communicating wireless data from flickering the light from a single LED !

This is optical data transmission without the need of a cable, but I wonder if this this technological innovation would as he says "replace cell towers" ?

While Harald's remarkable invention looks likely to handsomely reward via a total global market in the order of billions, many questions remain. Like if there is a critical distance and direction of light between his invention and say a mobile phone or computer ? Or how does the device safeguard our security ?

Thursday, 11 August 2011

"i2R e-Paper; Revolutionary new erasable e-Paper

is environmentally friendly, reusable 260 times and will only cost US$2 an A4 sheet !

A team of Taiwanese research scientists have developed a new generation film that can be printed on a thermal printer.

According to the Taiwanese developers ""i2R e-Paper is paper but not paper as we know it -- not yet, anyway."

The material is based on a plastic film covered with choleric liquid crystal, a type of liquid crystal structured similarly to cholesterol molecules and can be erased by simply plugging it to a power source.

As they say in the video; the researchers anticipate saving many trees since  it will offer multiple reuses for transportation tickets, ID badges, paper signs and posters among many more. The developers anticipate their e-Paper will be widely available within 2 years.

Monday, 8 August 2011

L A Light

is a sublimely ambient song by Cinematic Orchestra for which Colin Rich created an entertaining time lapse video by capturing the electric radiance of Los Angeles at night.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Second Hand, an entertaining cartoon animation

Contrasting two extreme obsessive types of human behaviors. There are the strident movers and shakers that plan their lives with almost military precision while others move and do with a cautiously discerning almost negligible pace, whereas most of us behave somewhere between both.

Isaac King in his 7 minute cartoon animated film Second Hand examines both of these extremes,  juxtaposing fast paced minimalist efficiency with peaceful curiosity in the mundane and an eye for the use value of the discarded.

The film is a beautifully innovative comedic cartoon animation, entertainingly thought provoking with excellent rhythm and pacing made real by the constant clicking of the second hand of the clock.

Issac King accomplished his innovative work by using a mix of stop motion and 2D drawing in Flash, combined in After affects. The delightful music track is by Jeremy Singer with sound design by Greg Sextro.

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