Tuesday 25 January 2011

A little history of Parkour

The entertaining historical documentary footage film clip, below, is from a Paramount newsreel shot in 1942, of two men practicing their art of jumping and stunt climbing, as it was simply referred to as then.

The first minute of the video is Italian-American amateur stuntman John Ciampa, and the remaining newsreel is performed by Arnim Dahl. the film was  likely meant as promotional aid for both men who eventually got work as stunt doubles in the 1950's and 60's movie industry.

Arnim Dahl mostly worked as the stuntman for leading actors, like, Albert Lieven, Curd Jürgens and Kirk Douglas but was also involved in a number of publicity activities, such as when he performed a stunt from the roof railing of the Empire State Building in New York.

Among the startling acts he performed throughout his life (1922 - 1998) were his more than 40 times in hospital, with more than 100 fractures, amounting to more than 4 years of his life in a hospital. Nevertheless a survivor of an extreme sport, that became known as parkour which in name was birthed and made famous by David Belle.

The music track on this video is from the 1977 film soundtrack of Gizmo and its either "Pieces of Dreams" by Joe DiSabato or "The Stunt Runner" written & sung by Nicholas Hollander ?
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