Wednesday 1 December 2010

Earthquake Viewer demonstration video

Earthquakes like volcanic eruptions, mud slides, avalanches and tornado's are among the most tragic outcomes for people and man made structures globally and locally which usually occur with little or no warning.

Of all those natural disaster occurrences, earthquakes according to scientists are the most frequent, and of the 500,000 earthquakes that occur each year, about 100,000 can actually be felt.

Scientists from the UC Davis KeckCAVE have recently developed an Earthquake Viewer application in order to visualize the outcomes of 70000 earthquakes that occurred from 1899 to 2010.

Here now is a video animation where each dot on the globe equals one earthquake hypocenter. The movie begins by revolving around the earth transitioning between a transparent earth and non-transparent earth. The movie then zooms on the geographies of Tonga Trench - near Fiji; Southern California to Mexico; and the Aleutian Arc - near Alaska.

The soundless aspect to this video perhaps helps us commemorate their impact on our existence but also comments on the haunting devastation that they continuously bring upon our consciousness and planet alike.
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