Monday 29 November 2010

Kongregate, the youtube equivalent for online games

Kongregate is an entertaining casual gaming social network that hosts free online games and has more than 20,000 free games to play. The website is a place where gamers can gain ranking and earn awards.

Kongregate "allows developers to upload their games and share in revenues (25-50%) from the ads displayed around the games. Kongregate promotes developers to upload new games by having “game of the week” contests, and pays skilled developers between $20,000-80,000 to create premium games to provide their community with quality games. Each premium game comes with a free version that can be upgraded to paid premium version." via

The picture seen here is a snapshot of a game I persevered with until something else took my attention. Its a "click the mouse centric navigation style" of naive cartoon animations where you click handles, boulders and contraptions until you can make the penguin pilot exit from the game area. This precipitates the next level and so on and so forth. Click here to go directly to that game or go to the website, where you can choose from thousands of alternative interactive games.

To learn more about this gaming web portal, see Jim Greer CEO of Kongregate explain why he views his gaming platform as the youtube equivalent for online games. I imagine that there are likely to be, many tablet, ipad and smart-phone users enjoying themselves playing games at Kongregrate !
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