Wednesday 14 April 2010

The Axolotl is the luckiest animal in all of Mexico

now they have two songs about them. One from the gifted singer Yma Sumac who had an impressive 5 octave vocal range and exotic persona that made her an international sensation in the 1950s, (link).  Nevertheless, Axolotl's are cute but critically endangered Mexican mole salamanders. They're also adorable since they smile a lot.

One thing you probably didn't know about the Axolotl, though, is that they're neotenic, meaning that they basically look the same when they're old as when they were young.

The unique thing about the axolotl is that, under the right circumstances, they actually will metamorphose into what you and I think of as a typical, semi-aquatic salamander.

The axolotl can be induced to metamorphose by drinking salamander goo, and here's an almost surreal entertaining song about it by Rather Good's Joel Vietch.

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