Wednesday 9 September 2009

Excavated ant colony in Turkey

Perhaps the outcomes of global warming and climate change are as a close as ones own  backyard. Here is a fascinating segment from the TV documentary; Ants! Nature's Secret Power.

Scientists poured 10 tons of cement into an abandoned ant colony structure and then excavated it manifesting an amazing network of fungus gardens, tunnels and garbage pits.

Mikel Maron comments on his blog Brainoff about the structural composition and architectural integrity of the once upon a time living ant labyrinth ... was a "Placement of fungal gardens and trash rooms (the bulbous nodes between air tunnels) creates heat gradients, resulting in air flow and CO2 emissions to the surface...."

Nevertheless what could be more fascinating than watching insects scurry around a habitat—building homes, doing jobs, giving themselves over to social hierarchy ?

Maybe the Antworks Illuminated Ant Farm !
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