Monday 11 May 2009

Yooouuutuuube : : absolutely delightful Web Toy

that turns a single YouTube video into a surreal grid made of copies of itself. The rows of the grid are slightly out of sync with one another, creating a ripple effect.

Mouse over the bottom of your open window to control the options which include the frame size of the grid squares and the size of the rows and columns. While you're watching, there are pan, track and zoom controls that let you move over the whole bizarre like it was one screen.

I made this one with Checkersplitter by Degenerate Art Ensemble

One of the best demonstrations of how much fun Yooouuutuuube can be is this amazing Alice in Wonderland, or you may fancy the Dramatic Chipmunk.

Have a go, make your yooouuutuuube, then paste your yooouuutuuube video links in the Comments below.
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