Wednesday 22 April 2009

Shai Agassi: An audacious plan to produce a mass market electric vehicle

From software exec to electric car revolutionary Shai Agassi in this video outlines a bold plan for mass adoption of electric cars. He asks

"How do you run a country without oil ?" and "How do you scale this for the mass market ?"

Shai Agassi realiized that if you separate the car manufacturer from the battery manufacturer you create two manufacturers; a car industry and a battery industry.

Electric cars in today's market, means being bound to 120 miles per battery. To go further you go to a battery swaping station. In todays market the price of an electric mile is 8 cents whereas you pay up to $1:50 for a gasoline vehicle. The new model represents zero carbon car using zero carbon fuel.

"hybrids are like mermaids when who want a woman you get a fish and when you want a a fish you get a woman"

Some countries have already adopted this strategy: Israel said it will lose oil by adopting this strategy by 2018 in Denmark all the cars battery power will run off Windmill energy.

The Nokia music viral ad at the end of the video seems to be a vague homage to earth day, something similar to this or this.
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