Wednesday 18 February 2009

Nozzle spurt Jet Pack, provides Levitated Flight across open Waters

Lars Ramke a German businessman recently unveiled, JetLev-Flyer, an aqua jet pack which provides levitated flight ten meters above the water's surface and travel horizontally @ 65 kmh for up to two hours. Since this puppy can fly for a distance of 300 kms. we can probably soon expect some one flying the English Channel !

A floating pump powered by a 155 horsepower four-stroke engine sends water through a 43m hose to a pair of nozzles mounted on the jet pack.

The JetLev-Flyer has a gas-powered pump that provides up lifting propulsion leaving the nozzles to push a rider off the water.

The news of this invention nor the sellers website informs any specific details of the type of fuel required for the pressure jet engine, and how and where the exhaust is expelled. In other words, its carbon footprint.

128K smackeroos will get you one, but hey if this puppy takes off and it most likely will for those of us that live around lakes or harbours, getting to work could encapsulate enlivening panoramic joy.

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