Monday 26 January 2009

Solvatten: makes unsafe water drinkable using solar heat.

Access to clean drinking water is a major problem for many of the world’s people. Now a relatively simple device called the Solvatten hopes to provide a solution to the issue.

The Solvatten combines heat, UV and built-in filter in a specially designed container to clean contaminated water by filtrating macro-organisms which cause diseases.

"Similar to a standard jerrycan, the Solvatten can hold 10 liters of water, divided into two 5 liter compartments, each with a clear face. When you open the device and place it in the sun, exposing the two chambers to sunlight. This heats the water to 50-60°C, killing any pathogens which are present in a few hours. An indicator signals when the water is safe to drink (it changes from red to green). The whole process takes 3-4 hours in sunny conditions and 5-6 hours if it is cloudy."

Here, inventor Petra Wadström provides a thorough demonstration of the Solvatten device. Otherwise you may prefer a quick intro.

Solvatten means sun and water. This video reportage was made on the cleantech innovation in Nepal.

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