Sunday 2 March 2008

Nubrella: Worlds first hands-free umbrella

The Nubrella helps keep your entire upper body dry and best of all is, you get to carry out phone conversations even though it is pouring cats and dogs around you. The Nubrella retails for $60 and has been wind tested against wind, rain, sleet, snow storms and all inclement weather conditions.

With its new aerodynamic oval design with extended coverage wind now flows over and around the canopy thus completely denying the possibility to invert. No more struggling to maintain your umbrella in the proper position. Simply strap on the shoulder support and walk completely hands free even in significant winds. Also with the extended coverage you will be completely protected from wind chill and extreme cold. You will be amazed on how much warmer you will feel while using your nubrella.

Towards the end of this video news from New York City a reporter field tests the Nubrella.

There is also some more insights showing how the Nubrella opens and is held onto your body
but these isights are only briefly shown towards the second half of this clip.

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