Sunday 17 February 2008

World's Largest Solar Plant Opens Powering 20,000 Homes

A solar plant has opened in Southern Spain that consists of 120,000 solar panels over 100 hectares (250 acres). It also has a peak capacity of 20 megawatts and it can power up to 20,000 homes. The farm is expected to generate an estimated annual income of $28 million and reduce CO2 emissions by about 42,000 tons a year.

The plant covers an area of 100 hectares in La Hoya de Vicentes, Jumilla, where the local Mayor says 300 days of sun a year are guaranteed. Its total annual production will be the equivalent of the energy used by 20,000 homes.

The days of sunshine are accurate since the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain. The solar panels on a hill so they likely won't be affected by the rain.

Although many trees were possibly felled for this plant;

Different measures were taken following the recommendations from a local association, Juncellus, to ensure high environmental criteria in the construction of the plant. They included replanting an area of almost 5.4 thousand square yards around the plant, water deposits for fires, drinking troughs for birds and other such details.

Some more of the worlds large-scale photovoltaic power plants, here.

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