Saturday 26 January 2008

The Tangiable Ball Bearing Music Sequencer

Peter Bennet refers to his devices as Tangible Enactive-Interfaces :

Enaction is one of the possible ways of organizing knowledge and one of the forms of interaction with the world.

Enactive knowledge is the one that comes through action and it is constructed on motor skills, such as manipulating objects, riding a bicycle or playing a sport. The Enactive knowledges of entities are the ones acquired by doing.

The aim of the research on Enaction is the construction of Enactive interfaces, that are interactive systems that allow to organize and transmit this particular type of knowledge. Multimodal interfaces are a good candidate for the creation of Enactive interfaces because of their coordinated use of Haptic, sound and vision.

Thus we have Peter Bennet's tangiable Ball Bearing Music Sequencer

Here is a link to Peter Bennet's Blog.

More enactive technologies.

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