Friday 4 May 2007

Video: E. Coli Hand-Held Sensor

Another break through in medical technology has emerged to help countries quarantine against possible bacterial epidemics transmigrating :
A chemical engineer at Drexel University has developed a handheld, simple to use sensor that can quickly spot contamination by deadly strains of the E coli or by listeria, helping food producers find out whether their products are have dangerous amounts of E coli or Listeria before they are shipped out to consumers. It can also detect other food pathogens, as well as anthrax in liquid and air, cryptosporin in drinking water, and endotoxins in pharmaceuticals. It could also be used to detect early cancer signatures in urine and blood. Detecting E. coli can take 24 hours or more with conventional tests. The Drexel device can detect the presence of E. coli within 10 minutes.

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