Monday 7 May 2007

We All Know H2O What About O3 & NO2

Update May 11 this site temporarily closes and reopens after a new work has been added and this has just this minute occurred.

A small collection of Climate aware Artists attempting to..respond to the relationship between art, global climate change and networked culture.
This is a complex Art Project.... "14 artists havebeen selected to create short web-videos or other “bloggable” projects responding to the pervasive discourse and images of the climate change crisis. The original works may include animations, documentaries, personal testimonials, appropriations, data streams and text or image slideshows"

Although I'm certain that the intent by the project organizer is honorable, the whole project defies the magic of us against nature rather then being in it - we become the spectator.
Nevertheless some of the individual Art works in this project seemed to be doing their hardest
if only at the very least to reinvent reality thru the technology they are using but to mimic small windows of the every day and shower them out to us thru even smaller windows

Roadside Garden Socal is a desktop application that downloads and visualizes daily amounts of O3 (ozone) and NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) in the atmosphere in Southern Californiain the form of a small roadside tree next to a live Souther California highway webcam.

This project includes a downloadable application for Linux, OSX and windows users.
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