Monday 30 April 2007

An Honest Depiction of Sol

This image is at the very bottom of the Blog page, which suggests it could be the Blog Authors First Post. Although my broadband download speed is 512k this page like other Blog Pages such as boingboing, treehugger, theartlife makes my user experience feel like I've suddenly been cut down to 56k added to this the pain increases when I try to scroll down the page and at every mouse click the spinning beach ball makes my outdated G4 feel like a G3 again. I think most of the problem as in the case of boingboing, treehugger and theartlife examples are the physical weight of the embedded Video portals. Whereas Desertsky has a really interestingly different text graphic on the top of the page, the problems I experienced with it are beyond my understanding. When I visit pages like this I do something different.
Once the page has fully loaded I immediately point the mouse at the bottom of the scroll slider window and click to see the bottom of the page (An Honest Dawning of Our Solar System). then scrolling up and/or pulling the slider up most sites at least allow for a frictionless or oily experience baring perhaps, unfortunately, Deasertsky and although Arabic text feels incredibly calm and aesthetic its as remote to me as finding a living thylocene in Tasmania !
Nevertheless Desertsky's graphic of the solar system looks to me as it is one of the best depictions of our Solar system and yet we earthlings have not yet known what name to actually give our Solar System, more so with the recent advent of discovering other Solar Systems, but perhaps someone will say it is in fact named Sol, but is that really the widely accepted view ?
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