Monday 30 April 2007

An answering machine that could save lives

Reported in todays Sydney Morning Herald is a story about a device:
"..Sydney researchers have created a mobile device that can take an ECG, call an ambulance and a cardiologist."
because "More than two-thirds of Australians would not call an ambulance if they thought they were having a heart attack." and "The device can send the electrocardiogram in real time to heart specialists and if a person experiences chest pain and is unable to call an ambulance the phone also leaves an automated voice message and text message with their cardiologist and any other emergency numbers programmed into it. The device, which is undergoing clinical trials, has the approval of the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. It should be available in the next year or so."
No pics of the device that I can find yet but it may use this new Flexible Battery ?
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