Tuesday 25 December 2012

Ethereal Media Art Installation; the event of a thread

Currently on at the armory park Wade Thompson Drill Hall is a larger than life media art textile installation by the distinguished cross media artist Ann Hamilton. 

Its deeply reminiscent of Christo's hanging curtain in appearance and sentiment with some significant differences. Ann's work is a multi-sensory experience for viewers to the work, as it brings together readings, sound, and live events 

"within a field of swings that together invite visitors to connect to the action of each other and the work itself, illuminating the experience of the singular and collective body. At the end of each day, a vocalist on the drill hall’s balcony serenades the pigeons as they are released to flight. Each day’s song is cut with a record lathe, and the resulting recording is played back the next day."

The following documenting video gives a better understanding of the interaction of the wash of the parasol as it sweeps up and down by people moving back an forth on the suspended swings, thus triggering spectacular entertainment for all within the armory space.

"Ann Hamilton is a visual artist internationally recognized for the sensory surrounds of her large scale, multi-media installations. Responsive to the contingencies of the sites where they are made – cloth, texts spoken and written, animals, and people suspended or in motion – her installations immerse viewers in a poetic at once visceral and literary." Source

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