Tuesday 21 August 2012

Howcast, Video tutorial data base

Before the internet arrived and became commonplace if there was something we needed or wanted to know how to do, we relied largely on libraries. Much time was spent not only getting to the library but hunting down particular information through one's research skills, or persistence with others to help locate it. With the arrival of the internet all this wasted time and energy has become reduced to the typing of words and the click of a button in your favoured display device. Much of how we resource our why or how needs, likely comes about by using a search engine like google, yahoo, bing or any number of others.

But now we can reduce our search time a heap more by using  howcast which is a resource depository of a huge number of how to video's covering an enormous number of topics, that can help aid our education and learning

Maybe you've always wanted to know How to make Japanese food rolls, or maybe learn how to do hip hop dancing or myriads of many other types of dances ?

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