Friday, 29 June 2012

Captivating Video of a Marc Newson 'Hourglass' being manufactured

Apart from a sundial, an hourglass is perhaps the most basic historical example of a 'Time Machine', where the earliest use of one dates from the 14th Century. 

The hourglass had a ubiquitous use throughout history, in the earliest factories for clocking on and off, to metal tradesmen as an aid to knowing when enough heat had been applied to certain metals. Hourglasses were also used on ships to determine travelling speed as well as a time measuring device when a bell was struck for each period.

These days hourglasses have largely been superseded by electronic gadgets, but to a collector or fine art connoisseur, hourglasses retain an affinity with the classics.

Philip Andelman traveled to Basel, Switzerland, to video document the creation of Australian designer Marc Newson's interpretation of this iconic time machine inside the Glaskeller factory.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Talking Husky Bewilders German Shepherd

and perhaps us to, or at least entertains and amuses us. Noushka a rescue dog from Lebanon now happily residing in Canada wakes up in a state of confusion whilst watching a YouTube video of "Mishka the Talking Husky."

Friday, 15 June 2012

Points in Space, an Innovative Time Lapse video

Benjamin Ducroz's Points in Space time lapse video ensconces our perception of animated motion in light with something akin to shimmering molasses, frantically boiling in singlesignal's sound design. 

Ducroz created his video art work  by; "using 1050 individual a0 sized frames with long exposure photography" and '"presents Melbourne's cbd’s cycles of repetition by responding to the flow of traffic at key intersections. bodies join, weld and converge into swarming masses of movement. this movement is present in each city around the world. the work presents how a city environment is controlled through organised systems. scenarios which may look like elements in chaos, work in harmony."

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Tom Shannon's hover and visionary sculpture

is concerned with astronomy and astronomical proportions, a deep reflection of the universe and how it works through proportional representations of the sun earth and moon.

Tom Shannon is perhaps best known for the magnetically levitated sculpture, pictured here. Using permanent magnets the sculpture hovers silently in the air and never loses altitude.

In the video below, he takes us on his journey from what he's achieved to what he hopes to achieve.  On the TED stage, he demonstrates his prowess, finesse with sculptural form and understanding of physics and engineering through to his visionary architectural floating spherical video airship.

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