Tuesday 12 January 2010

"Triste Tryst (The Balkan Bazaar) on the Cybraphon

FOUND collective invited Bernd Rest, to create a guest composition "Triste Tryst" for the Cybraphon.

FOUND artist collective, are an  experimental pop band based in Edinburgh Scotland. They recently invented an emotionally charged automata robot they call the The Cybraphon, built into an antique display cabinet.

"Inspired by early 19th century mechanical bands such as the nickelodeon, Cybraphon is an interactive version of a mechanical band in a box. Consisting of a series of robotic instruments housed in a glass display case, Cybraphon will behave like a real band. Image conscious and emotional, the band’s performance will be effected by online community opinion." FOUND

You get a glimpse of its moodiness  during the video, when it turns its inner lights off and your left ponder a view of what looks like the night sky or is it the emotional antics of the cameraman in hot pursuit of the inner action of the Cybraphon's cabinet !

FOUND collective are (Ziggy Campbell, Simon Kirby and Tommy Perman).
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