Monday 11 January 2010

Flying the Unreal Parrot Helicopter with your iPhone

Check out this cool new cell phone app and air flight gizmo robot toy, combo.

The model helicopter or quad-copter being flown here,  is using an iphone, but its mooted that just about any wifi capable cell phone will also be able to do this, perhaps after the Parrot product is finally released to the public.

One important aspect about this unreal application/device is, that its has an autofly setting, in which it'll follow certain visual stimuli in the environment, while it also watches the floor for flight stabilization.

Including the wow features of the gizmo, are the cameras on the drone providing an augmented reality game feed, (so that while your exploring around your house, you explore the drone's capabilities) the gizmo completes the feedback loop to your sweaty palms. In other words its really an interactive cybernetic robot toy ?
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