Tuesday 17 April 2012

Mimic, Unreal Frenetic Experimental Animation

Creative photographers and video producers are just simply inspired by abandoned buildings and spaces, none more so then completely empty ones. Thus Lucio Arese has used a wasted cattle market building as a raw background in his blindingly fast exploding audio visual mayhem and chaos of computer graphic manifolds.

"the film rides the verge between nonsense, random noise and organic, structured audiovisual events, enhancing the plastic clashes of a digital inserted foreground into an old and rusty environment." and is "Humorous, lunatic, cartoonish, nightmarish, Mimic is an attempt to reach a complete unity between music and motion picture in an epoch of violent changes."

The media art video as can be seen after the jump may cause one to think that Lucio has managed to capture some frenetically motivated anti-matter, albeit in the form of computer rendered  motion graphics.

Watching this enticing video several times full screen, Lucio Arese's statements resonate with disarming clarity, and likely  as a result of having collaborated with Yu Miyashita who composed the Mimic soundtrack which is on his "Noble Niche" (Mille Plateaux/MP 307) CD.

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