Friday 17 February 2012

OSX Mountain Lion Preview

Apple earlier today announced a new leaping version to its OSX system software badged Mountain Lion or 10.8 and its main purpose is to make Apple computers work and function the exact same way as either an iphone, ipad or ipod touch.  Essentially turning your computer into a great big iphone, plus more.

Mountain Lion's key feature is convergence and integration of immediate conveniences experienced, in their i-devices.

Reported in the local news media yesterday, was the startling fact that the iphone is now selling above the worlds birth rate at 5 sales for every 4 new borns per second. So it must come as no surprise that their computers ought behave the same way as an iphone.

Youtube user SmudgeSoftware here now demonstrates a preview taste of some of Mountain Lion's new technological methods, familiar applications and how they work. (NB you need to turn  your volume up)

Apart from iCloud integration, Airplay mirroring looks to be one of the most far reaching key features of the new system, this feature brings all your phone, computer and TV gadgets into one converged space.

Go here to learn more.

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