Monday 18 July 2011

Waterphone MegaBass tonal friction musical instrument

The earrie, creepy and ghostly sound effects frequently heard in the soundtracks of horror movies employ the use of a waterphone.

Here in the video below we are entertained by cellist Alexis Savelief with Richard Waters' Waterphone MegaBass musical instrument invention, playing a basic experimental / discovery session rather than an actual piece of music.

"For this video I played without water inside the Waterphone (no water wa-wa effect) to show how great sounding the instrument is even when played "dry!" It is best to use a bass bow, but since I am a cellist, I play better with a cello bow. In the video I tried to show that depending on bow pressure and speed, different notes can be played on just one rod!"

Click here to view more information and videos of the MegaBass Waterphone.
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