Friday 29 July 2011

Time escapes with Timescapes, time lapse video

We all have an erstwhile preoccupation with time - a relentless and lasting integer of existence. A rolling ticking constancy of where we are and where were going at a certain moment, in a sequential period or periods of consequence.

Time is probably the first thing we think of when arising in the day. And then we search for moments of displacement, where we can find time to rest or make a meeting or an number of other heartfelt exigencies, we draw straws in order to plan our time line.

Filmmakers and photographers in particular have much to do with the recording of time and  indeed the technologies they use have built in mechanisms for exploring the avenues of time expansion and contraction. Not only but also with a little software manipulation astute editing and a music track, time gets stretched and pulled into a segmented whole, just as Viet Mac's entertaining Timescapes time lapse video does here;

Timescapes was composed of photos taken on a Nikon D300 and a d200 and video was shot on a Canon 7d. Processed in Quicktime then brought into Final Cut Pro, with music track
Emancipator by Wolf Drawn added.
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