Wednesday 2 March 2011

The Big Ship

is by Carlton Bright a freelance videographer, who reflected upon a composition by Brian Eno from the late 1970's of the same name.

According to Carlton, the video;
"slowly evolved, and it lent itself to some kind of "evolving" thing.. in this case an evolving thing going through space.. but a natural thing, not a man made thing.."


"The video was made on a shoestring budget, using household materials, such as aluminum foil with holes poked in it for the stars, carved Styrofoam, clay, a floodlight, a clothesline and a sliding door frame, talcum powder, and a few other things.. I had just lost my lease to my studio, so I had to make it in my 10"x 13" bedroom, and ironically, I think the limitations kept the thing from getting too complicated. ."

The gliding panoramic motion of the media art work, tends to captivate and entertain (like many an interesting video), wishing it were longer, not unlike, many of the cool ambient works of Brian Eno.
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