Thursday 24 February 2011

Coral Gardening: Ecological Remediation of fast disappearing coral reefs

Large areas of the world’s oceans are experiencing devastation caused by coral bleaching. According to Clive Wilkinson of the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network:   “…May, June, we started seeing massive bleaching in the Andaman Sea side and then in the Gulf of Thailand and now it is appearing to spread across through Indonesia and up into Vietnam and Southeast Asia. And it will possibly start to affect Taiwan and southern Japan very soon.”

You might think its tides floods and disasters that are chiefly to blame for coral reefs fast disappearing, but nay its largely due to human interventions like global warming and overtly heavy industrialized or exploitative fishing, depleting the ocean of a huge range of fisheries.

Jonathan Clay directed and produced this documentary video for the BBC Natural History Unit, and its about an amazing pilot project in Fiji that is bringing damaged coral reefs back to life.

Judging by the success of a few Fijian divers, in the above video, it now appears to be up to science researchers, marine engineers and governments to upscale this ecological remediation technique !

Go here for more information on the project featured in the above video.
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