Monday 20 December 2010

Paper craft animation: The Move by Mandy Smith

is a charming short story animation inspired by moving in Amsterdam, illustrated through paper. It is a subtly sublime piece of entertainment made ever more enjoyable, by the quaint nature of Mandy Smith's delicate paper sculpture constructions and set designs. The  cool music and sound design from Lawrence Horne, Piers Burbrook de Vere and Jeremy Yang, works a jovial treat.

Mandy Smith's, media art is subtle and complex yet seductively simple and cute, visit her website, to view her clever paper craft skills.

Direction and Art Direction/ Mandy Smith
DOP/ Ties Versteegh
Stunt Co-ordinator/ Lars Siemens
Online Artist/ Daisy Hulsken
Grading/ Rachel Stone
Post Production/ The Ambassadors

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