Saturday 2 October 2010

Dusk by Adam Hurst

Playing cello is usually confined to gaining a seat in one of the world's leading orchestras, not so for Adam Hurst. He represents a very good example of how possibilities can be achieved  if one remains focused on one''s true purpose and pursue one's own true passion.

Adam plays on his own hand made version of an electric "gypsy cello", possibly, originally a cello made for and by gypsies, likely accounting for the smaller body, making it easier to transport. Most notable among other  features of this cello and clearly heard in Dusk is a drone string that continuously resonates.

No less sustaining then the design and function of his unique musical instrument are the sources of his style of composition gleaned from blending his influences of different melodic elements of Middle Eastern, Indian Raga and various European traditions. (read more)

Dusk is a haunting and evocative original composition that resonates with somber ethereal tones made no less moody by his dress code!

So if Adam Hurst's composition inspires you, then go visit his cool website, and or go listen to some more of his entertaining music here.
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